The Julienne Bowl

Who else agrees that meal prepping for work lunches can be a struggle? The husband and I typically rely on salad kits from Trader Joe’s and dress them up by adding our own ingredients to the base, like tempeh, avocado, and a boiled egg. But salads can get tiring, right?

I’ve had many conversations with friends around, “If only I could make a bowl like the ones from Cafe Gratitude.” And I thought, why not just give it a shot? So here’s how I did it. The below ingredients and instructions makes 4 bowls.


2 large sweet potatoes

3/4 cup of finely chopped baby kale

1 bag of farro

1 cup of chicken stock (or use water)

1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes

1/4 cup of whole almonds or walnuts

1//3 cup of white kidney beans


Cook the sweet potatoes in an instant pot for 7 minutes. This is the perfect timing so that the sweet potatoes come out soft and the skins are easy to peel off.

Cook farro in a boiling pot of water or stock. I use chicken stock in mine. Boil for 10 minutes.

Those are the only two components that require cooking unless you add meat or protein.

Now let’s assemble.

Line your bowl with farro and beans.

Then add your protein if you’re adding any.

Place sweet potatoes cut into cubes next.

Top with kale, tomatoes, and almonds.

Dress with your favorite dressing or vinaigrette. Lately, I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Jalapeno sauce.

You can really customize this bowl how you like and substitute veggies, dressing, or protein. But I find the base of farro, kidney beans, and sweet potatoes balanced with the number of veggies recommended makes a really solid bowl.