Where to Get the Best Cocktails in LA

Have you tried an omakase cocktail menu before? The concept has always intrigued me, to get a drink made for you based on the flavor profiles that you like. We trust chef’s choice for food, so why not drinks?

One of the besties brought me to the Library Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel where Matt Biancaniello currently has a residency. He’s known for being a “cocktail chef,” meaning he loves playing with food and alcohol profiles to create his omakocktails. His bar was a literal garden when we arrived, lined all the way across with jars of herbs. Behind the bar, he also had a huge glass jar of blowfish fins and a bunch of organic strawberries.

As it was my first time, I got a little order-happy that night and we tried several different cocktails.

We had a parade of drinks, pretty enough to be mistaken for flower arrangements.

I got started with an arugula flavored cocktail with fuzzy purple flowers. My friend got a mushroom-forward Old Fashioned.
The bestie wasn’t crazy about the mushroom Old Fashioned so Matthew made her a drink with blueberries, which we both very much enjoyed.
Next up I had a uni shooter. As you can see in the photo, he was pretty generous with 3 full pieces.
After going ocean side with the uni shooter, Matthew made us the cocktail with blowfish fin. I’m a lover of all seafood and don’t mind the scent of the sea that others consider fishy. So I was all about this cocktail, which tasted like savory seawater in the best way possible. It also had a garnish that I think was cactus with purple flowers. Sharing one between the two of us was the move.
After the seafood adventure, we toned it back down with a refreshing cocktail – (that to be honest, I can’t remember the ingredients, eek).
To close out the night, we had to have dessert. Mine came in the form of a cocktail called the Kentucky Bath. It was a mix of bourbon, caramel, and really delicious organic strawberries. It was definitely my favorite of the night.

This was obviously a treat and the type of thing I would do maybe once a year. The cocktails run up to $17 a glass.

I’ll definitely seek him out once Matthew moves onto his next residency.