HI, I’m Julienne. I was born and raised in southern California, and am currently living in Los Angeles. As a Taiwanese-American married to a Korean (also American), food has naturally played a central role in both of our lives growing up in immigrant families. Having watched Food Network every night as a kid (shoutout to the gang – Ina, Giada and Emeril) I was always an extremely enthusiastic observer, but didn’t have much experience cooking myself. Fast forward to my adult self armed with the internet: a trove of articles, podcasts, YouTube videos and Instagram accounts. All the information is out there, why not give it a try? I began to cook. I’m no expert. I just love to do it. Plus with a name that is tied to a type of food preparation, it all makes sense, right?

Food is how I unwind. It’s how I combat a bad day. It’s how I celebrate. Thanks for stopping by to explore the latest recipes I’m trying and places I’m eating.

Meet My Crew

Oliver is my pup son. The husband and I adopted him during Christmas in 2016. A very timid and underweight pup from the shelter, Ollie has grown to be a handsome terrier mix who’s now a whopping 14 pounds, thanks in part to the homemade cookies I bake him from time to time. Ollie loves puzzles and playing with friends at the dog park. His mohawk is natural.

My husband is my biggest supporter. This man is a loud and proud champion of Korean food and has introduced me to many dishes beyond my previous small world consisting only of soon tofu and BBQ. He’s got amazing style, a penchant for discovering great music and has accompanied me on countless trips to the grocery store so I could try that one recipe.