How to Up Your Cheese Vocabulary

Have you guys listened to the latest Splendid Table episode on cheese? It’s delightful 🙂

My favorite segment is when Cheesemonger Greselda Powell gives some tips on how to speak cheese. So the next time you’re eating triple cream brie you can describe its flavors beyond just, “It’s good,” while munching away.

The Different Flavor Profiles of Cheese
  1. Lactic – meaning it tastes milky, like butter or yogurt. Think soft cheese like a burrata or chevre.
  2. Vegetal – cheeses like camembert or brie have a hint of veggie taste, like a broccoli or cauliflower vibe
  3. Floral – here’s an amazing list of floral forward cheeses
  4. Fruity – cheese like parmesan or manchego that are amazing with pasta or prosciutto
  5. Gamey – a more aged cheese, such as a goat cheese can have a bit of an animal / gamey flavor
  6. Spicy – hints of cinnamon and nutmeg

So the next time you go into a specialty cheese shop, you can describe to your cheesemonger what type of cheese flavor profiles you’re going for, and let them help you create the cheese plate of your dreams.