How to Throw a Solid Baby Shower

Hint: It starts with a fantastic cake.

What makes for a good baby shower? Besides the fact that one of your besties or family members is about to have a life changing experience…there’s always the cake. And the awkward, but fun games. But really, the cake and treats need to be on point.

Top 3 Best Baby Shower Treats/Cakes

Stars Cookies from @CakeCreamery

baby shower star cookiesBaby Shoes Cake from It’s All About The Cake

baby boy cakeLittle Pilot Cake from Porto’s

baby boy cakeSo far for the showers that I’ve attended, I’m usually in charge of organizing the games, and sometimes picking out invites.

For this post, I’ve teamed up with Basic Invite who are offering 40% off their fancy baby shower invitations right now.

I’m usually in a rush when I’m planning games for showers, so it’s helpful to tap into a site like Basic Invite that has a variety of great designs in basically any color – and it’s affordable. I love their designs for some good baby shower games, especially the little man baby shower games. Mad Libs is always a fun one, and people give some pretty heartfelt advice in Letter to Baby. These are great for those of us who are busy (basically everyone), and don’t have time to design our own games.

If you happen to be planning a baby shower, below are some cute invites. My favorite is definitely “A Baby Is Brewing.”

baby shower invite

baby shower invite

baby shower invite

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