Are cheese rinds edible?

charcuterie board

There are few things I like better than a well-arranged charcuterie plate. They’re a feast for the eyes and stomach.

I’ve noticed a common question that pops up amongst friends enjoying a spread together is whether we can eat the cheese rind.

The answer is yes.

Besides man-made wax, like the red ones around Babybel cheese, natural rinds are edible. But just because they’re edible doesn’t mean they necessarily taste good.

The general rule of thumb is: if the rind is soft and creamy, like on a nice brie, not only can you eat it, but it also adds a bit more flavor. Other cheeses with nice rinds are goat and camembert. If the rind is really tough, although edible, I’d generally avoid it – like a block of parmesan or even certain goudas.

What are your favorite types of cheese for a charcuterie plate?