Major (Domo) Birthday Celebration

For the husband’s birthday this year I went with a David Chang theme, meaning we checked out his new restaurant in Los Angeles, Major Domo. For his cake, I got the Strawberry Lemon cake from Milkbar.

The restaurant is beautiful, both inside and out. We opted to sit in the patio. Many of our friends and family who have eaten there had somewhat lukewarm feedback. We had a really nice experience because I think we ordered a really good balance of the heavier, decadent dishes with fresh, lighter fare.

Here’s what we ordered:

duck liver mousse bing

Duck Liver Mousse Bing. The menu starts with selections for Bing, which is essentially kind of like flatbread, or a direct mandarin translation would be a cracker. These fluffy flatbreads are paired with a selection of dips. The duck liver mousse is topped with chopped almonds, cacao nibs, mint and a side of strawberry jam. The savory and sweet combo was on point.

diver scallops

Diver Scallops. Raw scallops served with cucumber, serrano, and a beautiful yuzu sauce. This was one of the prettiest dishes of the night and one of my favorites where everything relies on the quality of the ingredients.


Bounty Bowl: This was a selection of fresh, raw vegetables with two dipping sauces: koji mascarpone and Domojang, which is David Chang’s special ssamjang. I’m guessing most people wouldn’t order this dish, but we were intrigued because eating raw veggies dipped in ssamjang is a regular part of the Korean dining experience, especially at home. We wanted to see what an elevated version of that would be. It was surprisingly filling, and I loved the crisp purple string beans dipped in the koji mascarpone.

tapioca lo mein

Tapioca Lo Mein: Chewy, thick noodles tossed with Chinese Broccoli, garlic, and krill. The noodles were so good. This was the perfect carb to get with the black cod.


Marinated Black Cod: This was the #1 dish of the night. The black cod was cooked to perfection and amazingly tender. Pairing it with apple and citrus was genius.

All in all, it was a very lovely meal and a great way to wish Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband.