An Appreciation for the Taco Salad

Guys, I know taco salad gets a bad rap.

Even Jim Gaffigan makes fun of taco salad. But you know it’s good and you’re just pretending you’re too good for it. Or maybe you are, but I’m not. I’m open about my guilty pleasures.

A salad that is mainly beans, cheese, and rice in an edible fried bowl – what’s not to like about that?

We recently made a taco salad at home because we happened to have all the ingredients at hand. It was so good. Honestly, anyone can make it with some assemblage of the following ingredients.

taco salad
Pretty, right?


Triangle shaped corn tortilla chips. Try not to get Tostitos, if you have a Mexican market in your neighborhood, it’s worth it to get the good stuff from there.

Carne asada. Get this from your local Mexican grocery store as well. If you can’t, then Trader Joe’s carne asada works too and it’s not too shabby of an alternative.

Shredded cheese, cheddar or Monterey jack works best.

Fresh pico de gallo. This is key.

Shredded romaine



Black or pinto beans

Rice seasoned with lemons

Diced red onions

One of my favorite taco salad making videos is from Cooking With Dog. Watch it here. There’s something so delightful and comforting about this video series. I also enjoy seeing the Japanese take on the taco salad.