Strawberry Spring Spritzer

We had a lot of leftover White Zinfandel from our wedding. Since it’s on the sweeter side, the best use we’ve found for the extra wine is to make it our spring cocktail staple.

Here’s how to make my Strawberry Spring Spritzer, which has become my best poolside friend.

strawberry orange spritzer ingredients


1 box strawberries

1 large orange

1 bottle of mineral or sparkling tonic water

1 bottle of organic lemonade

1 bottle of white zinfandel

some sprigs of thyme (optional)


Wash all the fruit.

For half the strawberries, cut off the stems and quarter them. Throw those into a blender to make a strawberry puree. Set aside in a jar.

For the other half of strawberries, cut off the stems and slice them vertically. These will be used for garnish.

Cut your oranges into half-moon slices.

To assemble the drink, add a spoonful of strawberry puree to the bottom of the glass.

Add a splash of lemonade, about 2 tablespoons.

Pour in as much white zin as you’d like, but leave room for tonic water at the end.

Garnish with a strawberry slice, lemon wedge and if you’d like, a sprig of thyme. It works well with the orange.
strawberry orange wine spritzer