Mochi Brownies

While I’m not going to get into the systemic issues at hand in this post, (all my thoughts and links to help the cause are on my Instagram), one of the reasons why I’m writing this right now is because, during times like these, it’s important that we’re taking care of ourselves. We’re only as helpful as our health, and we can’t help effectively if we aren’t well.

This recipe is aimed towards self-care, obviously not as a healthy snack, but a way to give yourself permission to indulge and soothe the emotions because we all desperately need that right now.

A friend shared this recipe for mochi brownies, and they are absolutely amazing. Like 5x better than regular brownies. You can find the recipe HERE.

Here are a few tips from making them over the weekend:
  • Use parchment paper and take the time to make sure you measure out a perfect fit for your square baking pan or casserole dish. For more experienced bakers, this might be a no-brainer, but if you’re a shortcutter like me, sometimes I’m able to get away with pouring my batter over the parchment, especially for loaves. Not the case for this brownie.
  • The recipe asks for whole milk, which I didn’t have but I mixed heavy cream with almond milk and it worked great.

Using glutinous rice flour for these brownies seriously take them to a new level because of the squishy texture. That combined with the shavings of dark chocolate baked into the top are just pure heaven. Definitely give these a try! Stay safe.