Everything You Need to Know About Popeye’s Fried Chicken Sandwich

I still haven’t tried Howlin’ Rays because I was never in the mood to stand in a 2+ hour line for it. Little did I know that I would end up waiting for 1.5 hours in anticipation of Popeye’s gone viral on social media fried chicken sandwich. I guess that’s the power of the gram.

It all started with Popeye’s announcement of their new sandwich.
Then Chick-fil-A got huffy.
Which got a sassy response from Popeye’s. (Props to their community manager).

And then the social media posts began. The internet loves a good debate, right? Whose fried chicken sandwich is better?

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Popeye’s and was very pleased they came up with a Chick-fil-A contender. Regardless of which one was better, I’d happily support Popeye’s. To my delight, Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich IS really good. Getting your hands on one isn’t easy though.

First, a lot of locations run out of stock and so if you’re pulling up to a Popeye’s and see some white signs put up on the windows or on a standee, chances are they’re letting you know that sadly, they’re sold out. We encountered such a misfortune the other evening.

Getting smarter the next day, we set out at 10:30 AM to track down a sandwich. We ended up in the Glendale location. No white signs and no line out the door like the La Brea location!

As soon as I walked in, the cashier announced that all orders would take at least an hour or an hour and a half. Well, I was already there, I was committed. 1 hour it is.

I put in my order and the husband and I indeed waited an hour and a half in the car until our order was ready.

What we ordered (for 4):

4 hot chicken sandwiches
1 large order of cajun fries

1 regular order of red beans and rice

The hot chicken is the way to go because honestly, modestly mild is a more accurate description. Since it’s such a time commitment, you might as well order some sides, and fries are great for sharing. Lastly, I’ve been a longtime fan of their red beans and rice, originally introduced to me by a childhood bestie. We used to go to Popeye’s and just get that side.

Total kudos to Popeye’s for generating the hype and for the most part, living up to it.