Game of Thrones Viewing Party Menu

It’s the last season of Game of Thrones. We’ve waited two years for this!

In preparation for those pivotal 6 Sunday’s in April and May, our group is taking turns hosting viewings of each episode. We obviously have a menu planned out as well.

Episode 1

Beef stew with mashed potatoes – I’m going with Chef John’s beef and Guinness recipe for the stew and my own for the potatoes.

Episode 2

A super legit British charcuterie plate. We’re going to have the black grapes and triple creme brie of course. But we’re also thinking of going ham with the meat and possibly throwing a turkey leg in there or some other rustic piece of meat. Stay tuned. Inspiration is drawn from Farmdrop.

Episode 3

Howlin’ Rays hot chicken sandwiches. If you’re ordering catering for a large group, this is the way to bypass the 2-hour line to get your hands on one of these. *They’re currently not offering catering as they’re updating their website, but fingers crossed it opens in time. If not, there’s always Honey’s Kettle.Ā 

Episode 4

Homemade roast beef sandwiches. This will involve getting a cut from the round, making a special rub and baking for a few hours. More details to come in a future post. I’m still deciding which recipe to go with but will be using A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches.

Episode 5

We have a delightful Tillamook baby loaf of cheddar and are thinking to make a huge batch of “loaded” nachos with it. The recipe is from the NYT.

Episode 6

This one is a really big deal so our menu is TBD. Stay tuned.