Noe at the Omni


Last night the fiancé and I celebrated another anniversary.

Dinner at the Omni Hotel. Ice skating at Pershing Square. Dancing at Pattern Bar. 

As for the tasting menu at Noe, it was simple, straightforward and solid.
Starter: Sashimi
Entrees: Bouillabaisse and Ribeye
Dessert: Lemon Olive Oil Cake

The bouillabaisse was comforting, with a good amount of mussels and clams, but just one scallop. The salmon was the winner, so tender and soft it fell apart into the broth. The broth is king for this dish and didn’t disappoint. I also appreciated having extra bread for dipping. The olive oil cake was memorable. The lemon curd and sorbet had a really sharp tang that went well with the moist cake. It was your standard “nice restaurant” fare. Nothing super exciting, but not disappointing either, besides the mysterious disappearance of our waiter before dessert. The staff were apologetic and got us another round of cocktails. 

What: Noe tasting menu
Standouts: Bouillabaisse, Olive Oil cake 
Score out of 10: 8