why you shouldn’t fall for cute character meals (even though I did)

Wednesday, 20th, 2016

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Plan Check does a special series sometimes where they feature a cute character and create a themed meal around it. Months ago they featured Gudetama, a lazy egg character from Sanrio. There are hilarious short cartoons you can watch on YouTube – I love them. I missed the Gudetama series, so when I saw the Chococat and Pudding Dog meal, I had to go.

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Unfortunately (and somewhat obviously) it wasn’t very good. The meal came with a burger stamped with Pudding Dog on the bun. There were crisscut fries, a tiny cup of mac and cheese, homemade potato chips, a shake and a chocolate cookie for dessert. Everything was adorable but just didn’t taste good. Plan Check is known for their burgers, so the Pudding Dog burger was okay. We also ordered a fried chicken sandwich off the specials menu that was tasty.

To be fair, I’m betting the Gudetama meal tasted a lot better because he’s an egg so they basically added a fried egg to the burger. And we all know everything is better with egg. Lesson learned, no more cute character meals unless the character is a delicious ingredient.

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