why smorgasburg LA is worth visiting

Thursday, 18th, 2016

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If you haven’t been to Smorgasburg LA because someone told you it wasn’t that great, I definitely think it’s worth checking out yourself. I heard some naysayers before I decided to go, but I had a good time at the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, Dumbo a couple years ago. The selection of food vendors on the west coast and east coast differ, but both were good in their own way.

In LA there are of course special donuts, a variety of drinks and teas and different varieties of tacos. Here’s what I tried:

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Goa Taco: my favorite stand hands down and the reason why I’d go back. These are tacos made from Indian paratha instead of tortillas that Goa Taco describes as “the buttery, flakey lovechild of a tortilla and a croissant.” I tried both the pork belly and tofu tacos. The pork belly is rich and decadent while the tofu is light, crisp and fresh. If you try anything at Smorgasburg, try this.

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Mama Musubi: Not bad but not amazing. These are your standard rice balls. I tried the original (can’t remember what the filling was), tuna and salmon. They photograph well, but not anything to write home about.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.37.38 PM

PopdUp: Another one definitely worth trying, especially because it’s been so hot in LA. Standing without shade on hot concrete makes the heart crave a soda. Lucky for us, PopdUp is healthier than your average can of Coke with no preservatives added, 100% natural and vegan. Essentially they take local fruits and herbs and blend them with raw sugar to create a syrup. Soda water is added to create the fizz we all like. They come in these pretty jars and lovely flavors like grapefruit basil, orange thyme and my favorite – lychee with ginger and elderflower. Love.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.38.08 PM

Raindrop Cake: This is one of those things that is worth trying if you’re really curious. The presentation is interesting but the taste is underwhelming. It basically tastes like rain water in a gelatin-like form. Which, to be fair, is what it’s called.

Lastly, the venue, Row LA is an awesome mix of new outdoor west coast styled spaces and classic east coast warehouse vibes. It’s worth visiting just to enjoy the continued development of DTLA.

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