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Wednesday, 31st, 2016

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Among friends who live in orange county and east of LA, Tsuruhashi is a much talked about Japanese BBQ place. The bf and I have been meaning to check it out for a few months now, but just never find ourselves in Fountain Valley. We decided to use our lazy Sunday evening to finally make the drive, meet up with family and check it out.

It’s located in a strip mall with a very random assortment of stores – a gun shop, a reptile “experience” and a generic restaurant called Fortune Cookies. But I can say with confidence that if you have the time or happen to be in Fountain Valley then you should pay this place a visit. They don’t technically take reservations but you can call ahead of time to put your name down on the waiting list.

The meat is phenomenal. The portions aren’t huge, but that allows you to try a lot of different meats that are very high quality. Here’s what we ordered between 4 people:

Assorted Kimchi – even their kimchi is amazing. You can get nappa, daikon or cucumber. We decided to get all 3 with the assorted.

Yukke Raw Beef Sashimi – if you aren’t cool with the concept of eating raw meat, this can be pretty intimidating. However, I’ve had this dish once or twice before at places with really high quality meat, and it is amazing. The beef is paired with sweet slices of pear, sprouts and topped with an egg. Mix everything together and enjoy.

Kobe cube cut short rib – Exactly how it sounds. Heavenly cubed pieces of Kobe beef.

Rib eye roll – This was my favorite thing we ordered. It’s rib eye with a shiso leaf and some sort of plum sauce inside. The combination of the flavors is amazing where the acidity of the plum balances out the savory meat.

Outside skirt – very tender

Sausages – these are just regular sausages, but we had them last and they must have picked up all the flavors from the grill because it was such a yummy way to end the meal.

Sesame ice cream – so good. I’m not sure if they make this ice cream in-house. It definitely tastes like it, but if they buy it from a grocery store I need to find out which one quick.

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