the slow cooker is my new best friend (and should be yours too)

Friday, 13th, 2015


The end of daylight savings is great in the sense that we all got to sleep in an extra hour the night before. But not so great when you think about the fact that we’re losing an hour of sunlight in the evening. Also it’s going to be cold now. (Or at least as cold as LA can get).

A lot of people have mentioned the comfort of coming home to a slow cooked meal. The pot already did all the heavy lifting while you were at work, and now you can just help yourself to some dinner after a long day at work. I recently tried using our slow cooker for the first time, and it’s true. It’s seriously one of the best things ever invented.

A coworker recommended this Fragrant Garam Masala Chicken Stew. I’ve made it twice now, and it’s so good. Indian food is a favorite of mine, and this one is relatively easy to make. However, I haven’t gotten over the insecurity of leaving the slow cooker on all day. Most recipes call for about 6 hours, and no one is home from work within 6 hours of the day. What I’ve done instead is making the recipe at night, and go for the 2-3 hour option. It’s done before midnight and I pack it up and have it ready for the next couple days.

Try it here.

[Image credit Better Homes and Gardens]

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