The Pho Burrito: It’s Good!

Tuesday, 15th, 2016

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Have you ever wondered what it would taste like to take all the amazing components of a bowl of pho and serve it wrapped in a tortilla? Never have I. Apparently the chefs at Komodo did, and the Phởrrito is available at their restaurant as a seasonal item until the end of the year. So you have a little over a month left to head over to either Main Street or Pico Robertson to try it, which, of course, you should.

Very surprisingly, they managed to somehow capture the warmth and comfort of a bowl of pho into a handy wrap you can eat with your two hands. The tortilla is filled with slices of angus beef that’s flavored with pho broth. There’s no broth in the burrito itself, but that’s where the taste of cardamon, cinnamon and star anise are coming from. Also stuffed in the burrito are the rest of the key ingredients: cilantro, onion, bean sprouts and rice noodles.

Here’s the story on how and why Chef Erwin Tjahyadi decided to create this dish. And of course, some eye candy of other Phởrritos posted on Instagram. Credit: #Phởrrito


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