The Great Sandwich Project

Monday, 26th, 2018

“The best thing since sliced bread is a bunch of stuff between sliced bread.” – Bon Appetit

Sandwiches are speaking to me lately. Between an episode of The Splendid Table where a large portion was dedicated to discussing the art of sandwich making, to Bon Appetit’s recent A to Z guide to sandwiches I acknowledged that an idea was trying to make its way to me. At least that’s what I think Liz Gilbert is trying to tell us in her book, Big Magic. The way I interpreted her chapter, Enchantment, was that ideas are floating around all of us all the time, looking for a person that will bring them to life. When one comes to you, it’s up to you to act on it. Sometimes they’re fleeting, and if you don’t act on them immediately, the idea may be gone by the time you get around to it. Anyway, I think this happened to me the other day where it just clicked.

In the sandwich episode of The Splendid Table, Francis Lam references a book called A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches. As anyone who has come over to my place knows, I’m a sucker for cookbooks. I will sit and read cookbooks for a couple hours. Actually making anything from the stack of cookbooks that I own is another story. I mean who the hell is able to make anything in the Laduree cookbook? I’m sure a good amount of people, but not me. Long story short, I had my very own Julie & Julia moment when Francis talked about this cookbook of sandwiches. If there’s a cookbook where I’ll actually make recipes from, it’s gotta be a sandwich one. Who wouldn’t be able to make a sandwich?

A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches has 40 sandwich recipes total. I am going to attempt to make every sandwich in this cookbook from start to finish. I’ve already read through the first chapter which is roast beef. And let me tell you, this is not going to be just going to a deli and buying special cuts of meats and cheeses and breads and arranging it in clever ways (darn it). The first step in the roast beef chapter is to bake your own 2 – 3 lbs of roast beef after you’ve created a seasoning out of fried shallots. There’s a lot of steps. I’ve already read through it 2x and haven’t psyched myself up enough to actually go buy the ingredients and invest an afternoon yet. But it’s going to happen. It might take me a year to make all 40 sandwiches, but it doesn’t matter. What matter is, the great sandwich project starts now (with this post). No turning back.

P.S. Pictured above is a stuffed turkey sandwich, one of the toys I bought for Ollie. The other two toys he got were salmon sushi and a Chinese takeout box with soup dumplings inside.

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