tech dress up: isaac mizrahi collection

Sunday, 5th, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 1.33.00 PM

Did you know that Best Buy has a designer series for sleeves and cases? I’m excited because they’re a bit more affordable than going through Nordstrom or other brand retailers. The three collections are Anna Sui, Nanette Lepore and my favorite, Isaac Mizrahi.

If you’re willing to wait a bit, the iPhone 6 cases will be rolling out in a few weeks. I’m not currently awaiting an iPhone 6 in the mail, my upgrade puts me on the “S” iteration of iPhone releases. (And I prefer it that way, they seem to work out most of the kinks by the time the S comes out). Any way, if you already got your new iPhone or are expecting it soon, there are a lot of pretty selections in these 3 collections as well as tablet and laptop sleeves.

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