Ludo’s Trois Mec

Sunday, 22nd, 2018

Was it worth it? Yes.

Trois Mec is now up there on my list of best tasting menu experiences* I’ve had so far. It might even be #1. :O

The restaurant: Located in a Yum Yum Donuts strip mall, next door to Petit Trois, Ludo Lefebvre’s other restaurant. Both spaces are really small. The open kitchen is towards the front of the restaurant and there is bar seating right in front to see all the action. We got the table closest to the entrance in a booth with cushions. You’ll want to sit in the front so you can see the happenings in the kitchen, and you’ll also want to go there with just one other person because they seat parties of two or four, but you’ll most likely get to sit more towards the front if you have a smaller party.

The staff: Friendly, funny and prompt.

Portion sizes: Sufficient. You won’t leave hungry. I wasn’t able to finish the last couple desserts.

The music: Mostly 90s hip hop, which was awesome. The fiance was very happy.

The bathroom: Two private ones, basically gender neutral. Clean. Nice choice of candles.

Okay, I’ll stop messing around and talk about the food. These were the main highlights:

We went for the standard wine pairing (there’s also a reserve option but we didn’t need to get that fancy). I don’t remember all the wines we had, but I remember you start off with a brut and end with this jammy red at the end which goes amazing with dessert. More on that later. There was also a wine from Corsica and a white Bordeaux. All tasted great, especially after the first 2 glasses, everything is great right?

Bread and butters. Providing good bread is always good form on a restaurant’s part. Their bread basket included flaky layers of crepe. I couldn’t decide if it tasted the best with the cheese-like dip or the yuzu butter. Probably the yuzu butter.

Chamomile custard, peas, smoked trout roe and buckwheat. Although not the most photogenic dish, the custard was a flavor bomb (and i’m using the word bomb because of the trout roe that was in there) with amazing texture. Between the fresh English peas, crunchy buckwheat and salty, burst in your mouth trout roe, this one was not only rich and delicious, but also fun to eat.

Striped bass, corn risotto, citrus, brown butter miso. This one was to die for. It was so good that I took a picture of the empty dish. The striped bass was tender, almost melting in your mouth. Eat equal parts bass and the corn risotto in one bite.

Black pepper honey duck, squid ink, foie gras butter, eggplant, red shiso. Umptious. Felt like I was eating a piece of high grade steak. Except it was duck. The black pepper crust seals the deal. (Or ties everything together. You get the picture).

Strawberry, creme fraiche, rose honey, vinegar, macaroon crumble. This paired with the last berry-like wine was heaven.

The courses were so, so good. But on top of that, the kitchen was beautiful, the staff was charming and the music made it fun. Since this meal was a birthday gift to the fiance, I gotta say, I did good.

*For those curious of what my list of tasting menu experiences currently consists of and what I’m comparing Trois Mec to, so far I’ve eaten at n/naka, Petit Crenn, Providence and and Kato.

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