kato: pescatarians rejoice!

Friday, 30th, 2017

One of my first thoughts after eating at Kato was “I need to take my sister here.” My sister is a particular eater – doesn’t like red meat unless it’s well done, no overly pungent food – that type of thing. But that doesn’t mean she’s not excited to try new food. What’s amazing about Kato is you get to try food that is prepared in ways that stretch the imagination. You can be adventurous with no intestines involved! Second reason I thought of my sister is because as an artist, my sister has an appreciation for environmental aesthetics. Either Jonathan Yao or someone on his team has their tableware game on point. LA times described Kato as “living in an Instagram photo.” But not in an annoying “influencer” way IMO, but rather in a genuine, understated, beautiful way.

So the deal is, you get to choose between 2 tasting menus. They are both pescatarian. You can do a 6-course option for $55 or a 9/10-course for $80. In an effort to practice not stuffing our faces at every opportunity, the bf and I went with the 6-course option. It was one of the best tasting menu experiences I’ve ever had. (So far I have been to n/naka, Providence and Petit Crenn, which were all incredible). By best, I’m weighing in the factors that matter most to me. And this would be the level of surprise and delight I felt with each dish. Not only was each bite swooningly delicious, I also felt like there was a flow each dish was taking us on. I never really understood what the critics were talking about on Chef’s Table, but now I think I kind of do.

Let’s go through the courses.

Smelt & Sesame
kato, kato restaurant

Hamachi, cucumber & scallion
kato restaurant, kato tasting menu

Softshell crab
kato restaurant, kato tasting menu

Trout, cabbage, eggplant

Dungeness crab, conpoy, nori

Buttermilk & hibiscus

Some parting thoughts:

I don’t usually like dessert much, but this dessert is up there in the top 5 best I’ve had in my life.

I’m really proud that a fellow Taiwanese-American is doing what he loves and killing it out there.

Happy birthday sister (for when we set a date to take you here)!

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