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Monday, 2nd, 2016

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Everyone has a favorite restaurant in their neighborhood. Mine closed in 2014 and has now risen from the ashes in new form. Waterloo & City is now Hatchet Hall. Fortunately for me, it does not disappoint. Even though the menu is distinguishably different from what they used to serve, I still really enjoyed it. It’s not the same kind of love, but I still have love for the restaurant for sure. So now onto what we ate:

Country Ham: simple, salty and delicious.
Benne Yeast Rolls: rolls topped with seal salt, served with honey butter on the side. The honey butter is legit.
Smoked Trout Croquettes: smoked trout gribiche with lemon. Yummy, but a small portion. Order two if you have more than 3 people in your party.
Chicken Liver: onion jam, grilled bread, pickled ramps, apple vinegar. My favorite dish of the night. Better than the one at Bestia IMO.
Beef Sirloin: snails, green garlic, peppercorn, creamed potato. It’s beef sirloin, usually you can’t go wrong. They got it right, and the snails are an interesting, tasty addition. (I’m usually not a fan of snails).
Cauliflower: salsa rustica, breadcrumbs

Benne Bread Pudding: butterscotch, butter pecan ice cream. OMG. If you aren’t going to come here for anything else, you need to come here and eat this. Best bread pudding I’ve ever had. I’m telling you, that Benne Bread is something else.
Peanut Butter Buckeye Pie: chocolate sorbet, peanut brittle. Like eating a pie of Reese’s but not as sweet. I love Reese’s so I was sold.

Redcoat – bourbon, lemon, honey, cider. Delicious for those who enjoy bourbon and honey. (Which is basically everyone).
Pimm’s Cup No. 37 – gin, strawberry, lemon, cucumber. Surprisingly refreshing and not too sweet.

Check out the full menu and go get that Benne Bread Pudding.

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Visuals from their lovely Instagram.

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