arcadia: henry’s cuisine and nest tea house

Monday, 6th, 2016

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Last weekend in Arcadia, mom wanted to try a new restaurant that her friends had been recommending, a Cantonese restaurant called Henry’s Cuisine. Henry’s Cuisine is taking the place of many other cafes before its time, most of which I remember being good but forgettable. Just your standard Hong Kong style cafe food, but not having any qualities that make you want to go back. Henry’s is different. We pigged out at Henry’s and ate dishes I’ve never heard of or tried before. And I’ve eaten a lot of Chinese food in my time, especially having gone to China multiple times. This place is definitely worth going to, but have at least 3 people in your party so you can try multiple dishes. As always with these restaurants and this one is no exception, you’ll be dining family style.

Here’s what we ate:
Deep fried salted pig feet – for those of you who automatically think “gross” when you hear pig (or any other animal) feet, that’s okay. But you are missing out on life. I’ve had pig feet before, mainly served steamed. This is my first time having fried pig feet and it might be my most favorite way to enjoy it.
Sautéed shrimp with salted egg – these are huge pieces of shrimp cooked with duck egg yolk. It’s a salty and very rich dish. Delicious, but definitely should be shared.
Pan fried seafood and udon in XO sauce – your basic chow mein dish, which is basically delicious.

For dessert we had Hong Kong egg waffle which is also a typical dish at Cantonese restaurants. It’s fluffy and light but not super flavorful. I like breaking off the little “egg” pieces individually.

Later at night we went to Nest Tea House, a newer tea place in the area. We got a rose green tea with mango jelly. The mango jelly was start shaped! The tea was also very good, I’ll definitely be going back.

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